The Kids

We have three boys under 4. Dante is our oldest, his talents include making very loud, realistic dinosaur and airplane noises, drawing what I think are fantastic pictures of people and sea creatures, and finding his brother’s crazy button and knowing where and when to push it every time. Our second is Stefano. Stefano is the most clumsy child I have ever seen. But I suppose the silver lining is that I get to give him that many more kisses and hugs to fix his booboos and he is so sweet and adorably hilarious that I can overlook it for now *Haha!*. Leonardo is our baby (for now!) and has such a happy disposition – which of course comes from having two brothers that aren’t that much older than him and teach him to be resilient and to go with the flow.

Oh how we love these kids and their antics. They push the boundaries. They have trouble sharing and fight and cry. They fly planes and cars around the room and bounce the wheels a little bit too hard off of the baby’s head all. the. time. But they’re learning and growing and to see them taking shape is an amazing journey that I wouldn’t want to miss for the world.


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