About SleeplessInSagamore

I am a wife to an amazing man, stay at home mother to three fantastic boys under the age of 4 years with a fourth child due this summer, and the Lord’s daughter; aiming to improve myself and become the woman He intended me to be.

I enjoy dabbling in different crafts and projects, but I have yet to perfect any one hobby. I find that I can best express myself through writing. Every now and then I pop in and jot down what I’m feeling just to get it out… I’ve written many half-posts that have never actually been posted.

I’m here to share my experiences as a mom of lots of little ones as I grow and adapt. It’s a successful day if I find myself sharing laughs with my husband, knowing that I’ve imparted even the smallest truth to my children, trying out a new recipe that not only the family likes but that I – as a sweet toothed, comfort food loving woman – love, finishing a project whether it is sewing a valance for the living room or organizing an out of control craft cabinet, and feeling the Holy Spirit really stirring in and refreshing my spirit. So I’m here to share those times… and the not so sparkly side of me and of my experiences with parenthood that I need to surrender to the Lord.


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