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April 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

As I sit here 15 minutes before the kids are due to wake up, drinking my much needed – mocha-filled – iced coffee, I remember that, “oh darn”…… today – in fact a few hours from now – is my glucose test. I am 28ish weeks pregnant and although I’ve spoken with an expert who has a much different point of view about pregnancy and glucose testing and I’m not really concerned either way, if I test positive for gestational diabetes then protocol will be to absolutely freak me out. Or at least that’s what’s I imagine will happen. Woops. 

We’ve definitely been trying to eat more greens and less processed foods around here. Yay us. But I haven’t been as careful about sugar intake as I was the first couple of weeks after my decision to eat healthier. I’m not eating ice cream every night but it happens. I never buy or make breakfast pastries and baked goods, but if someone brings crazy chocolate and peanut butter brownie things to Bible Study I’m going to have at least two. Big ones.

So I think I’m doing well. But definitely not cutting out ALL sugar.

So fingers crossed that I test negative today and I can just move on. 

On a successful mommy note: Stefano is pretty much potty trained! Today will be day five of wearing big boy underpants. Last Saturday when the kids woke up I realized we were running low on diapers so I figured I’d just go for it. Five accidents in four days is pretty good, I think. Better than my first go at potty training with big brother. I tweaked my technique this time around. The first two days I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes after each time S used the toilet and just kept sitting him on the throne and praise, praise, praising away when he did the right thing. We did a sticker chart…. Not really a chart just a paper taped to the bathroom door that he adds stickers to whenever he used the bathroom. He loves it.

I will continue to prompt him and remind him for the next several weeks but for the most part he seems able to tell me when he has to go to the bathroom. I’ve even let him go diaperless at naps and the last three nights. We had an accident last night around 1:30am and he called out, I helped him finish up on the toilet, changed his bottoms, and he was good to go. No sheet change necessary (yay me!)

As I see myself changing diapers for many more years to come (hopefully!) I am all set with delaying potty training as was my original I’ll-just-put-off-mindset with Dante (who I ended up toilet training at the age of two and a half after I found out we were expecting number three). Diapers are expensive, man!

So to sum things up. Boo for glucose testing today. But yay for my almost 27 month old being toilet trained!


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