*Healthy Mama* Update

March 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

So for the last almost-month I’ve been trying to find my footing in Healthy Eating World. I’ve cut out fast food completely, and limited my intake of breads that have no health benefits like bagels and other white breads that are processed and loaded with sugar and useless carbs. I’ve cut down on soda and juice. I don’t buy mini muffins every time I enter the grocery store.

However. I have still been having my usual chocolate-y coffees (no EXTRA sugar… I’ve never needed the extra sugar in a coffee that’s already loaded with mocha) a few times a week, still have indulged in some artisan bread breakfast sandwiches here and there, enjoyed a dessert a few nights, and made myself a couple of cranberry juice/seltzer water spritzers when I’m craving something carbonated.

I’ve made a real effort at upping my veggie intake…. I HATE peppers and red onions… easy things to toss into salads…. and not really excited by salads to begin with…. so a lot of my day time vegetables are coming from kefir/fruit/spinach smoothies. Steamed broccoli, roasted asparagus and cauliflower make frequent appearances at dinner time. And I try to throw some kale or spinach into our eggs and soups.

Switching to whole wheat pasta wasn’t a big transition for any of us.

I’ve steered clear of my usual recipes that call for canned soups to cut down on the processed “cream of chemicals” (harsh I know, but I read that somewhere and thought it was funny) but I will at some point adjust my recipes to just use more natural ingredients.

It’s a start at least. I’m sure no clean eating guru would praise my daily menu for our family but it’s looking much more green than it did a month ago. So THERE!

And when I weighed in at my last midwife appointment I had lost, like, 4 pounds. Nobody seemed concerned. I’m measuring good and there’s plenty of movement and a healthy heartbeat. When the nurse asked me if I had been sick at all I just told her that I’ve just cut a lot of junk out of my diet and that seemed to satisfy her.

Speaking of the pregnancy, I’m scheduled to do my glucose test in two weeks and am having a follow up ultrasound in four weeks to check on my placenta. At my 18 week ultrasound my placenta was lowish so they want to make sure it has moved up and not down. If the placenta is blocking the way for the baby to come out…. it tends to cause concern! I haven’t worried myself with it and there’s nothing for me to do (I may asked if headstands would help… and got a big no way) but pray that all looks sound for a safe delivery. If your brain isn’t too busy right now, feel free to say a prayer for my placenta as well. *Thanks!!*


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