And Baby Makes… 5!

June 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Our newest addition is already a month old! It’s been a pretty breezy first month with three kids. Babies are generally easy, I’ve come to realize. Right now Dante is still number one in the grief-giving department. Darn it all, I love that boy to the moon and back but he is my Everest. I know God has big plans for us and those plans probably involve a large family. I like to think that some day when I’m struggling with a little one and feeling maxed out, I can look back to my early days of parenting and think, “I remember when Dante struggled with this… this isn’t so bad!” *haha*


One thing I won’t be able to peg on Dante was a difficult labor… since I did have an epidural with him. I was smiling until pushing time. Stefano came quickly and from start to finish the whole ordeal lasted about 3 hours. But with Leonardo….. TWO hours. *Lord I sincerely pray that my future babies don’t come any faster than that because I really don’t want to have any babies in the car on the ride to the hospital!*

Here’s how it went down:

Obviously I had been having contractions for WEEKS. But not painful ones… just a lot of pressure (pain everywhere else, though, for sure! Bleh!). Went to sleep around 10pm on Thursday May 9th. Woke up to a beast of a contraction around 10:45. Didn’t wait to time them. Jumped out of bed, told my husband we WERE going to the hospital NOW. Made it to the maternity ward around 11:15. And at 12:45am Leonardo arrived. I was beyond happy to get my water birth after not making it into the tub the last time around even though Leonardo came quicker. My labor was still intense and painful but the time I spent laboring in the water and delivering in the water definitely made a huge difference in the whole experience. I seriously hope that, assuming I’ll have to do this a few more times, I never have to have a baby on a bed again. I’ll tell ya what – that element of buoyancy sure makes a difference. Instead of feeling heavy on the bed and trying to change positions to find the best way to get baby OUT, I felt light and could easily move in the tub. And then to be the one to “catch” my own baby when he came into the world was amazing for me. I felt so free.

ANYWAY. That was that.

We’re home and working on our balancing act of time spent with each child and trying to keep up with everything else going on in our lives. We’ve been so blessed, as always, by family and friends. The Lord has put some fantastic people around us.

And the big boys are adjusting well. Dante was super excited about Leonardo, much like he was when Stefano was born, only this time he’s older and more trustworthy with certain expectations of how to treat his new baby and how to help mommy. Stefano had a rough first week. He’s such a love and definitely had a problem with, not just mommy, but ANYONE he loves holding his new brother instead of him. He’s getting better. He always smiles and wants to touch his new brother now… the first week he refused to look at him. No joke. BUT his chubby little finger is drawn like a magnet to L’s eyeball. EVERY. TIME. So we have to keep an eye on that.

Well, it’s taken most of nap time to finish the boys’ Fathers Day card and type this out so I’m going to try and squeeze in one more project before D wakes up!


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