Crunch Time

March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, I’m looking through some pictures of my kids that were taken recently…… Oh, wait… those pictures are almost a year old! Some of the memories I’m looking through seem like they happened a few weeks ago not a YEAR! And what’s that, now? I’m going to have another baby in a little more than a month’s time?? Baaaaah noooo! Can we just skip to me taking pictures of Dante and Stefano with their new brother? The birthing scene is all to fresh in my mind.

Ya, ya I’ve experienced that magical phenomenon that happens to moms where they can’t recall the pain of childbirth blah blah blah… I still know it HURTS. A lot of people have asked, since I’ve had it both ways: medicated and non-medicated, if I’m going to get an epidural, again, this time. I hope to not. Even though it was painful I believe my body was made for this and felt really good about not having one with S. But that doesn’t mean I’m excited about it, either. I wasn’t one bit nervous with Stefano. Not about timing, or Chris being down Cape when I went into labor, or the pain… I just had a happy-go-lucky, it-will-all-work-out, I’ll-deal-with-the-pain-when-it-hits mentality. Now I’m getting nervous.

The good news is, as I round my 34th week of pregnancy, that in two months’ time it will all be behind me and I’ll be back to my sweet, sweet post-pregnancy life of being able to sleep on my stomach, use the bathroom a normal amount of times during the day, being heart burn free, and ordering the¬†occasional¬†glass of Sangria when I visit a nice restaurant (they’ve been calling to me from menus for months). And I’ll start adding new pictures of three little boys to my albums, instead of two. And admittedly I might start getting grey hair. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m not scared of life with three. I don’t think I can possibly get any more frazzled. Let’s get this party started!



Business Front AND Back

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Stefano has been growing out a little baby mullet. I don’t have many shots of the back of his head and didn’t think to take a good “before” picture… This is the best I can give you… a good 2 inches, easily, below his neckline.


Last night when he was fresh out of the tub I suddenly felt very brave and whipped out my hair cutting scissors that I bought months ago, for Christopher’s hair, after watching a hair cutting tutorial (I was successful but he prefers a nice close buzz) and decided to have a go at Stefano’s mullet. I’m sure people will notice that it’s not a professional cut… but I’ve paid for worse!


I couldn’t just stop there, though. I had to trim the crazy hair that hung over his ears and made a quick pass over the rest of his head.. by quick I mean I followed behind him with my scissors and gathered hair and snipped when he was momentarily distracted.


Beats Dante’s first, tearful, hair cut at Snip Its. Although I think he would have put up a stink even if I had tried to do it, myself….


March 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Do you recall this cow-gets-eaten-by-raptors scene from Jurassic Park?


“They’re extremely intelligent, even problem-solving intelligent, especially the big one….That’s right, but they never attack the same place twice. They were testing the fence for weaknesses, systematically. They remember.”

I was replaying this scene (Jurassic Park is probably in my top 10 favorite movies… is that sad?) in my head last night after Dante woke me up screaming for chocolate milk. I will probably watch it the next chance I get… after my husband and I watch The Hobbit which is freshly available on Amazon Prime, woot woot!

Anyways….. The third trimester has hit pretty hard, I guess. I’m irritable and uncomfortable and emotional. I’ve been battling, daily, against dwelling on the happy prospect of my kids getting older. I KNOW, I KNOW, I will want these days back when they’re older… that’s why I’m battling with myself. But Dante is really testing me all day, every day, and he STILL tests me at night, too. I love my kids. So much. But that is irritating. I find my almost-three-year-old irritating. Not all the time…. but a lot of the time. There I said it.

I keep telling my friends, jokingly, that I rely on Jesus and chocolate. But I’m really not joking at all. If I don’t make time to read the Word before my kids get up for the day then the tendency is for me to go downhill. Fast. And the chocolate helps, too. I don’t really need to explain that, do I?

I’ll end on a sweet note. Last night, I was experiencing some mom guilt. Moms, you know what I’m talking about. So I worked in a little extra snuggle time with big D before we put him to bed. I asked him to sing me a song. Instead he prayed for me… something along the lines of… “Lord, help mommy sleep….. mmm-mmm… amen!” I asked again if he could sing to me. So he SANG his prayer. Super sweet. I was feeling greedy so I prompted a few more bed time songs and he sang to me two more times before bed….

“As sleepy eyes close, and days repose, the Lord never slumbers, Lord never sleeps….”

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