February 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

So proud of my little man. He is learning new words and tries to copy everything we say! At 13 months old the words and phrases he uses regularly are “up-a!” (up!), “aww-booor” (all aboard! – which he learned from his brother while playing trains), “moh” (more), “nah” (no), “baw” (ball), “baba” (baby), “aw done!” (all done), and mama, dada, and we’re pretty sure he directs a “dada” at Dante too every now and then… so we’re giving it to him, since Dante and Daddy sound similar!

He makes roaring sounds to identify predators… bears, tigers, lions, sharks… which are the favorite toy animals we have in the house.. and the giraffe. Giraffes don’t really make a noise so when he roars for the giraffe toy it’s hard to correct him. He also knows that dogs say “wf wf”.

I was so proud when he repeated “caw” back  to me while we were playing with some toy cars. Car and truck were some of Dante’s first words so it brought back sweet memories.


AND it’s not really a WORD but when he sees fit he will stick out his bottom lip and “muah” at us and we get kisses. Cute, poochy-lip kisses that I L-O-V-E.



February 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ok so.. I hope and pray that my family never has to suffer through another storm that causes such severe power outages, again! And we only lost power for a little more than 24 hours! AND we were able to spend the second night with my in-laws whom were able to provide us with a warm place to sleep and a hot dinner! The next time this happens I hope that we can be more prepared with a generator and lanterns and a means to cook hot food… and be able to be the ones helping others who are less prepared.

When we woke up the morning of February 9th, to Nemo still blizzarding hard, we joked about how our boys are fit to get  through a little uncomfortable loss of heating…. being pregnant this winter has caused me to frequently find myself hot when everyone else in the room is chilly, so I often set the heat to around 65 during the day! NO that is NOT cold, by any means, but Dante has been known to start sweating when we visit our friend’s houses. So sure enough, I threw a few layers on them and set them loose in our cold, wood-floored house (colder), and they played very happily considering the fact that Chris and I were bundled up in blankets on the couch.

007 009 012But that was just day one. That evening we decided, like I said, to take the kids to my inlaws’ house up the hill since we had heard that our electricity might be off for a few more days. Thankfully it turned on early the next morning and we were able to go back home and give my family a warm place to sleep for 3 nights until the electricity in their neighborhood was restored. We had friends that went without power for a week. Thank God, by that time, I think most of those in the dark were able to find someone who DID have power to share. Crazy town.

Anyway, we made it through. It was cold. And while I don’t like the mess that comes with log burning fire places and wood stoves, I now have a new appreciation for them and can see what a life saver one would be in an emergency. Something to think about…

Apparently more snow is headed our way this weekend and we haven’t heard two stories that are alike as to how much accumulation we’re to expect. Praying nothing crazy happens. Here we go!

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