Happy Birthday Stefano!

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Our baby is one. Sigh. Not such a baby anymore………… good thing we’ve got a new one coming in May! Just kidding!

One year old!

For Dante’s second birthday, I decided to have a family party and a friend party. I then decided I didn’t like splitting them up. I’d rather just have one big to-do and call it a day since hosting parties is not at the top of my list of things I like to do!

SO! Bubby’s party was held in the morning, and idea I stole from my friend and thought how ingenious it was when SHE held a 10AM birthday party for her 3 year old. Once it was all said and done, it was worth the run-around in the morning because both boys were (past) exhausted from all the partying they did and took a nice long synchronized nap just a little after normal nap time.


It was brought to my attention that for Dante’s first birthday HE had an entire mini cake to smash. In my defense, that was gift. That first child’s first birthday was the most prepared and organized I will ever be for a birthday party… ever… so Stefano got to get down and dirty with a cup cake like the rest of us! Haha!


I think he still enjoyed it… it definitely made him forget about how tired he was after having missed his morning nap and then being the center of attention at the party. It was a nice time for everyone. He received some nice gifts, all of which his big brother claims are HIS… I remind him daily that all the toys in our house are Dante AND Stefano’s… he’s in denial.

Oh man. It all went by so fast! He’s been walking since a couple weeks before his birthday, too. Seems like only yesterday…….

Stefano 084



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I had my 19ish week ultrasound back in the beginning of December.

Another Boy! 016Honestly… yes I was surprised. I really thought this one was a girl. For a bunch of reasons. 1) A week or two before I even confirmed that I was pregnant a friend that I haven’t spoken with in a loooong time emailed me to tell me that she had a dream that I was pregnant with a girl – yes I seriously weighed this fact into my gender guess 2) On Babycenter, they have fun pregnancy “tools”.. one of which is a gender predictor. It was “right” about my first two pregnancies and when I plugged in my info this time it told me I was having a girl. Again, yes, I really weighed this as substantial baby girl evidence 3) In my circle of friends there have been a lot of boys and I felt that a girl was due 4) My pregnancy symptoms have been different – less pronounced – than with Dante and Stefano, and 5) My mother in law has 5 kids – boy, boy, boy, girl, boy. I decided that the odds were better that we wouldn’t follow the same pattern and that my number 3 would be a girl rather than a boy, like she had.

But I saw VERY clearly that this baby, is in fact, another little boy. I admit, I had a moment or two of disappointment… but come on…. 3 brothers within 3 years of one another…. it’s all the kinds of crazy I love. I just pray that I can raise them all up to the men of God they were born to be. Tall order! Lord, help me!

Potty Training

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Oh boy, I’ve missed another two months. A friend whom I don’t see often emailed me and asked if everything was ok because I hadn’t blogged in so long. Haha. Thankfully, everything IS okay over here! Honestly, I just haven’t had the urge to write anything… booo me.

So I’ll start with my potty training experience.

I dreaded it. Coming up on Dante’s 2 year mark I would lay awake at night thinking through when to begin, considering his signs (if any) of readiness, and then sweating when I thought about the extra work his prosthesis would make for me.

I eventually just decided to wait until he was 3. That would give me a good year before I’d have to stress out over it, again. Then I found out I was pregnant with our third. I thought about how I would be changing 3 people’s diapers in the not-to-distant future and, I swear, a few grey hairs popped right out of my head.

There are various methods, I guess, and gear you can buy for your new toilet-trainee… pull-ups, potty chairs, potty seats… then there’s the sticker charts that seem to work so well for so many kids..

I decided, after reading an article in a parenting magazine, that I would just stay home for a week, stick my kid in underwear, and hope he hated “going” in underwear. There was really no question as to whether or not continue with that “method”… it made sense to my brain.

So I took out the Spiderman toddler-sized toilet seat that Dante’s great aunt and uncle gifted to him, bought a big bag of gummie bears – I skipped the sticker chart for Dante… stickers would not have enticed my kid to poop in the toilet… but candy?? YES  – like, 10 pairs of undies with various Disney characters on them, and got to it.

The most difficult part of this was, honestly, clearing my schedule for a whole week. I decided that I wanted to be well on our way to being potty trained before the new year, and the month of December is kind of hectic for most people, wouldn’t you agree? But we had Thanksgiving gatherings, and Christmas gatherings and doctor’s appointments, and Bible study once a week. But I managed to squeeze it in and threw him into a pair of underwear on November 28th.

I’ll tell you what. When it comes to my kids I, naturally, want what is best for them. I also am kind of an instant gratification kind of girl and I LOVE quick results. So I had to mentally talk myself down before I started the potty training process and ingrain in my mind and resolve to expect less than perfection. To expect lots of messes. To expect there to be a learning curve for Dante and me when it came to taking off his prosthesis to go to the bathroom. To expect him to get frustrated……………. Ok. It was a total God thing. Seriously, I am so weak that this kind of stuff, without Him, would have me balled up in a corner crying for my mommy.

Anyway… I also decided to NOT give up on Dante or myself. I never turned back to diapers for an entire week. I experienced some crazy God-given grace. And 6 days after our start, I was confident enough to take him for a 20 minute car ride to the dentist’s office where he also had his first cleaning and did fantastic! Forgive me for bragging, it was more just one of those days where being a mom felt so rewarding. MY kid made it to and from the dentist’s office in big boy undies without an accident AND he was an angel in the chair… AND his teeth were clean and sparkly *smile*. That was a great day…. *siiigh*.

So ya. He’s potty trained. Not without an occasional accident… it’s been all of 2 months… things happen. Of course Chris and I are not off the hook, completely. Now, I think most 2 year olds who are trained still require a little help from mom and dad … ? …. and gradually learn to undress and get on the toilet by themselves. Well. Dante can’t do that. He physically can not pull down his pants and underpants without help because his prosthesis is bulky around the thigh… and to actually pull down his under-roos we have to unstrap his suspension belt and pop the socket off of his leg so that he can balance himself on the toilet (he prefers to sit on the adult-sized toilet seat at home). It will be a while before he can do it by himself.

The silver lining? We’re buying and changing less diapers – I forgot to mention that he still gets a diaper for nap and bedtime. Sleeping with underwear is a bridge I am all to happy to leave uncrossed at the moment.  AND I know that when the time comes to train our future potty trainees, it will be a cake walk.

Potty trained by Christmas!


Good job buddy! You did us proud!

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