Will Crawl for Food

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I’m calling it. Stefano can officially push himself into the sitting position. I’m a proud mama.

And he’s in that prelude-to-crawling stage where they kind of take a “step” or two forward but then lazily slump down onto their bellies to change direction or grab for a toy. Now that he’s able to sit up by himself I don’t doubt he’ll figure out he can zoom around on his hands and knees before long. I know he’s got it in him. The boy saw a crumb by my feet (probably a piece of chocolate chip cookie that I messily dropped) and popped right up and crawled a good 4 or 5 “steps” to get it.



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They’re creepy. They’re crawly. They bite. Some are poisonous. Others are more poisonous. They’re ugly. They’re hairy. I hate them. Even more so, now, because Dante has been having nightmares about spiders biting him! He has woken up screaming no less than 4 times.. the most recent, last night… to tell me that the spider bit him. Once he even managed to squish the spider (in his nightmare) and demanded I clean it up.

Dante is easily calmed, thankfully, and goes back to bed after a hug and praying for him to have dreams about happy things. Last night I prayed something about Jesus letting him dream “about silly lizards and playing in the sand”. Don’t ask.


When Toddlers Eat BRIGHT Pink Cupcakes…

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They poop bright pink!

Movin’ On!

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So we’re moving. Not exactly sure when. But it’s happening!

When the family business got shut down, suddenly, last year, Chris found himself with a new job down Cape. We’re so thankful he has his job and that we didn’t have to endure a scary waiting period to look for a new one. However, it did mean big changes for us in many ways and he went from commuting 2 minutes down the road to 40 minutes down the highway each day, so in the end we decided to leave our rental and move in with his parents until we decided what we wanted to do next. We looked at apartments and other rental properties on the Cape: scarce and expensive. We looked into building. We most recently applied at a great apartment complex in Plymouth, one street away from my parent’s neighborhood (which would have eliminated most of the highway driving I was doing each week!) despite the fact that moving there would have increased Chris’ commute to closer to an hour.

10 months later we have decided to move into, rent while we update, and then eventually buy Christopher’s grandparent’s house (after they had previously decided to move in with my husband’s uncle and aunt). Got to keep it in the family!

It’s a four bedroom farmhouse built in the 1930’s that is filled with history and memories. It’s been really neat looking through Margaret and Mario’s pictures and belongings as we’ve helped them pack and store their things. We actually plan to re-frame some old black and white photos of distant family members from Italy and keep a few pieces of granda and papa’s  furniture displayed in the house.

But oh, the laundry list of things to be updated. We’re currently preparing to have the floors refinished and prepping the wallpapered walls to be painted after they haven’t seen the light of day in who knows how many years. We plan to open up some doorways, turn our 4 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom house and add a bathroom, update the current bathrooms and the kitchen… the list goes on… and we want to try and pay cash for each project…. so basically we’ll be working on this for a million years.

We’re super excited to get the basics out of the way and move in! We love both our families but it’s been a sometimes-trying 10 months, let’s be honest. It’s hard enough living with your spouse… add more adult family members and things can get tricky. Just bein’ real.

Hope to post some fun updates and move in progress soon!

A Year Ago…

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Summer Superlatives…

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As a stay at home mom I find that, on days that I’m feeling lazy and wanting to sit in front of the air conditioner, I question whether or not I’ve made the most of the summer weather. And when I think about it, Dante did go on many exciting adventures this summer, and has had plenty of opportunities to get dirty and dig in the sand and even splash in the occasional puddle.

I like the summer, sure. Who doesn’t? Sticky, unbearable humidity. Sweat. Mosquitos…. Ok. I’m happiest in the jeans-and-sweater seasons. But warm weather is nice and watching my kiddos enjoy the outdoors is rewarding… though I do hate the sand… OK. Enough of my complaining. Here’s a quick look at the last couple months.. see, we did have fun!

There was the Father’s Day car show we enjoyed as a family…

Our trip to Edaville Railroad to see Thomas…

The 4th of July Parade with the Parson Family…

The super-sweaty day at the Roger Williams Park Zoo…

A weekend excursion to Maine…

Our many trips to local parks and the beach with our friends…

A family day that our church hosted on the waterfront… check out the tat on D’s arm…

Checked out local farmer’s markets and other attractions like the Sandwich Fish Hatchery more than once…

And then there all the adventures Dante took without me! His grandmothers have taken him to some exciting new place almost every week this summer… Canobie Lake Park…. The Mayflower (I’ve lived in and around Plymouth most of my life and I have NEVER been on the Mayflower)… An air show where he got to sit on a biplane…. Lucky guy.

There’s still a few places I’d like to go while we still have summer weather… but if it doesn’t happen there’s always our Florida trip in September… *smiley face*

He Pooped!

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Dante did! In the TOILET! He asked to use the potty (he has a Spiderman potty seat) and he pushed and pushed and…. well… I all but threw a parade for the kid.

That being said, I’m still not QUITE ready to begin toilet training. The prospect of having to unbuckle Dante’s belt that suspends his prosthesis, as well as remove two leg-socks from around his waist and THEN pull down undies just didn’t sound doable a few weeks ago when I first considered potty training. But I’m feeling a tad more confident what with Dante’s new-found interest in doing his business on the potty. So maybe – just maybe – we can get through this.

First of all, I cut the leg socks down so that instead of looping around his hip I just pull them (he wears two to give his leg padding while it rests in the socket of the prosthesis) up over his leg like a foot sock – basically they don’t impede the pulling down of a diaper or in the future, undies. Second – my plan of attack – I intend to do kind of a potty training boot camp of sorts and just stick the kid in underwear and hope that he hates the consequences of “going” with no diaper.

We shall see. In time. Like I said… I’m still not QUITE ready.

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