6 Months… Update

July 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Stefano visited the doctor today for his 6 month check-up. He weighed a tad over 17 pounds which puts him in the 47th percentile for weight, and measured 27 inches long: 65th percentile. Cool tools.

Oh, and the last couple days he’s been practicing getting into this position… and rocking back and forth…


Dante Says….

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

After something funny happens … “It must be killin’ me!”

When I gave him a gift, recently … “Check it out! Thanks mommy! It’s a present for me!”

“Look at my shadow, mommy!”… obviously, when he’s looking at his shadow… and he insists I drop what I’m doing to look at it

“I want a bufly (butterfly) kiss” and “you’re my best friend” … while snuggling and rubbing my hair

“It’s a prosthesis” …. when asked to say prosthesis … it’s cute, okay? And he says it so clearly!

“Let’s make a special cake” … We like to pretend to cook

“It’s Captain Walker!” … When we drove by the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth… I’m not sure where he heard that

“Open the hood, I wanna see the engine” …. while playing with a life-like model car Uncle Jonathan gave to him

“Let’s find a anudder tracta-pillar!” … when looking for caterpillars

“It’s a bug! Smoosh it!”

“The plane has em-en-ades (M&Ms)!” … confused by the tiny circular windows on his plane puzzle

Half A Year – Whaaaat?!!!

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Hellooooo! I am six whole months old today!!

I am working hard on perfecting my sitting-up-skillz, but mom still makes me do a bunch of tummy time because she says that’s how I’ll learn to crawl. Psh……

I eat a lot. I don’t know why it is so hard to keep the spoonfuls coming quickly… can’t mom and dad talk later and pay more attention to me? I eat pretty much anything, too. I’ve eaten lots of baby-food-style veggies and fruits but have also tasted small bits of chicken and beef, beans delicious beans, and even yummy treats like ice cream and cake (thanks grammy!) right off mom and dad’s plates!

I have two teeth and mom keeps sticking her fingers in my mouth saying she thinks number 3 is on it’s way. I don’t know why she’s so excited about it… it hurts!

I’m getting big, too. My check up isn’t for a few days but mom has basically stopped using the infant car seat as a baby carrier… it is now strictly a car seat… something about a million pounds… which of course, I am not. And while I don’t yet have my official growth stats I can tell you that I’m fitting more comfortable in 9 month clothes… even some 12 month stuff.

I’m still getting up at night to nurse. But mom has been making me cut back. Sometimes I wake up and yell for a late-night snack, but she’s right, I’m really not that hungry. And I like to sleep in in the morning…. I can’t understand why my big brother wakes up so early…..

Speaking of my big brother… he’s really loud, and likes to roll on top of me… and he talks far to much about poking me in the eye… but I really love playing with him! He can really make me laugh. I like being a little brother.

Six more months and I’m told I get my own birthday cake? 

Big Boy Bed!

July 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Sooooo I never recorded our toddler bed transition… It was surprisingly smooth. I tried converting Dante’s crib a couple months ago for kicks and ended up going out that night to leave my mother to deal with trying the toddler bed for the first time (oops…totally not planned). Not cool. We switched back to his crib right away and I resolved to not worry about it for a while…. until a friend of my mom’s offered us her grandson’s used race car bed.

I brought it home and set it up in the boys’ room and Dante asked to sleep in the big boy bed a week after having used it simply as a new place to drive his cars on. I explained the rules of sleeping in the big boy bed: We stay in the bed! – Well, he stayed in the bed, but after about 15 minutes he called to me that he wanted to sleep in his crib. A few nights after that, he asked again, we went over the rules again, and we had a successful night. He’s been sleeping in his big boy bed for almost 4 weeks and hasn’t left his bed… yet (nervous laugh).

But really, I’m confident in his staying-put-in-bed-capabilities… enough to have taken down the second hand crib that was so generously given to us (since I didn’t expect to be switching to a toddler bed for possibly another year!).

Oh, and yes, he HAS fallen out of bed. Three times to be exact. The first time it happened I actually saw him topple out, head first, on the video monitor which I had trained on his bed for the first week and a half to keep an eye on him and make sure he wasn’t trying to break The Rule and leave bed. Naturally I jumped up and raced into his room…. and, while he did whine a little bit about his fall, he just crawled right back into bed by himself still half asleep. It was funny. Chris watched the whole thing on the monitor and was still laughing when I closed the door to the kids’ room.

His falls haven’t seemed to affect him or cause him to be afraid of sleeping in his bed… but I do tuck a big giraffe into bed with him as a sort of makeshift bumper. Sometimes the giraffe falls out but since I’ve started tucking Geoffrey in with him, Dante hasn’t.

So that is the tale of the toddler bed. The next big “leap” would normally be potty training which I would probably go ahead with full force right now if Dante didn’t have a prosthesis. But he does. And I am just not ready. I am fully prepared to have a 3 year old still in diapers, people. O well.

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