1 Month (5 weeks) Stats…

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Getting two young kids out of the car in a public parking lot is tricky. The toddler can’t be trusted to obey commands like, “don’t leave mommy’s side or a car could hit you”, so it’s a bit troubling. But the two of them are heavy! Dante usually gets slung under my arm like a football while I exert all my energy into lifting the infant carseat. Blah!………………………..

Stefano saw our family doctor today for his one month check up… which is why I brought up the parking lot thing… I haven’t had any concerns, and he got a thumbs up from our doc. He is 11lbs 8oz. putting him in the 71st percentile for weight, and is in the 65th percentile for length being 22.3″ long. He only poops once, maybe twice a day… and has gone two days without pooping AT ALL a few times.. Dante pooped, like, 85 times a day when he was Stefano’s age. I like this. Poop is gross. He’s doing really well with tummy time, and usually does his finest head-lifting when trying to get a glimpse of his big bro who is always hovering a bit too close while screaming or roaring at him…

Speaking of the Screamer…. I’m so thankful he can walk, now, but it’s just a whole new challenge for me. Today for instance – He struts into the office and thinks he can just do laps in the hallway… and when I tell him it’s time to go into the room all hell breaks loose… until he’s momentarily distracted by a Winnie the Pooh book and sings “Backson, Backson”…. have you seen the new WTP movie? Cracks me up. Anyways, then we take a walk with the nurse while she weighs Stefano and my curious Critter finds some shelves with miscellaneous doctor hoopla piled upon it and starts rummaging… and when I tell him to stop guess what happens? Then we get back to the room and I sit him in a chair so that our doctor doesn’t trip over him while he sprawls on the floor playing with his front loader toy… yep… more sorrow and despair. Thank goodness I had a juice box in the diaper bag! Juice boxes are a special treat so that kept him quiet for the duration of our visit… and the doctor and I didn’t have to read each other’s lips over the noise – so that was helpful.

The important thing is that we made it in and out of the office safely and without incident – and that my baby is growing good and all is well!


Sweet Moments

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Things have been a little crazy around here lately. Dante has been extra high-energy in what I assume is an attempt to regain my full attention every moment of the day. When Chris came home and asked what was wrong, because I wear my feelings right on my sleeve, I started crying and told him that I feel like I haven’t had any sweet moments with Dante, and that I feel like I’m just constantly disciplining him. Chris then told Dante I was crying, which my sweet baby was instantly concerned about – asked to be picked up – and pouted until I told him I was “okay”. He then gave me a cute smile and let me cradle him while repeating “mommyyyyyy”.

And then he was done sitting and pushed off my lap and ran away from me shouting, “getchu!”… he loves when we chase him and say “I’m gonna get youuu!”. So that is all. I got my sweet moment. Even though it really was just a few moments, it made the toy-throwing, poop-under-the-finger-nails surprise, spitting, strawberry-smooshing, and I-want-my-own-way fits melt away from my memory.



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I love it. I love my dark bedroom and climbing under my cool sheets. I love pillows. Why don’t I have more pillows? I love snuggling up to my husband when I’m cold at night…..

My children, as most babies and young children tend to do to their parents, work against me getting a full night’s sleep. Children really are a mystery. There always seems to be a possible reason for them to have a problem going to sleep, staying asleep or waking too early…. changes in routine, sickness, growth or developmental milestones, teething… our particular issue as of late is waking in the middle of the night. I feel as though it’s been a constant on and off issue since Dante’s first birthday. Sure, he’s been through a lot of changes over the last many months – surgery, moving, learning to walk, a new brother… but doesn’t everyone have a breaking point? Doesn’t waking once or twice a night crying for mommy only to be told to go back to bed get old after a while? I’ll tell ya, it’s been old for me for a loooong time. I read articles looking for suggestions. Most articles focus on forming a consistent routine and sleep schedule to help resistant children get to sleep, but that’s never been our problem……

And while I’ve finally come to accept that it’s not really a problem (for him anyway)… he does wake early. Between 5:30 and 6:00 most mornings. We changed his bedtime, recently, from 8:30 to 7:30 to try and ensure he’s getting enough sleep because no matter what I do I can’t get him to sleep later. The goal is 11 hours, but often he ends up only sleeping 10 and a half. Sometimes I worry thinking he’s not getting enough sleep since he will often wake up miserable. But I’m not sure what else I can do.

Now, we’ve got this new baby who is forcing me from the warmth of my bed to change his diaper and feed him two or three times during the night. The challange is that I have to get him back to bed and sometimes he goes right back, and other times he’s gassy, or will keep spitting up, or is trying to poop, and this early in life little babies have a hard time with those things! I’m thankful that he’s not as cranky as newborn Dante was – little Stefano is pretty calm, even while struggling to burp or toot after I put him back to bed. But his grunts still disrupt me getting back to sleep – I can’t sleep until I know he’s comfortably snoozing away.

My solice is in knowing that Stefano will most likely be sleeping all the way through the night in just a few months… maybe by then Dante will be doing better at night, too? Of course he’ll have his second leg surgery in May, shortly after his second birthday, and who knows how he’ll respond to that. Geepers. Yep. Geepers.

Little Miss Not-So-Socialite

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We humans are social creatures. We were created to have relationships… mother and child relationships, friendships, marriages, Creator and created, etc. But today I am thinking more specifically about stay at home parents.  Being home during the week with kids can be draining… all the more when your toddler  throws tantrums at the drop of a hat. By 4:00pm most days I’m ready to throw in the towel – punch my time card – or just curl up into the fetal position and regress back to infancy, myself…… sounds a little drastic, I know. 

I can’t have a scheduled play date every day of the week all year long. I try to infuse my week with planned get-togethers and errands that are scattered enough to give me a reason to get out every day, but sometimes there’s just no good reason to leave the house.. or no more money to spend at the supermarket! So I’m happy that I took the plunge, along with a great friend and her son, and joined a play group at our local library!

What a great place that so many people, aside from stay at home parents it seems, have all but forgotten about! Free books and movies – FREE! And they offer so many groups for kids and fun extras like puppet shows and reptile shows! No, I haven’t taken my family to one of the shows or extra activities, yet, but I plan to. So fun!

We haven’t brought cameras to the group… just one more thing to remember… but we probably should sometime…. the boys are a hoot! Last week, while Miss Martina was reading her story about a child taking a walk and seeing animals along the way Dante was so enthusiastic about what kind of animals he saw and the noises they made and made sure everyone in the circle heard him. And his buddy, Emmett, was right there with him.

But play group isn’t just great for the kids. It’s a great place for us moms and dads to get out, to be around other adults, and to let our kids enjoy time with other kids – which in turn is rewarding to us! I’m not a socialite by any means. I’m horrible at small talk and have to fight to make eye contact with new people, but in a group setting where the kids are the focus, it’s not THAT hard to think of something to talk about: “Wow, he’s so talketive! How long has he been able to name his colors that well?”, “Aw, she’s so good at sharing, how’d you manage that?”, “Is he singing the Elmo song? That’s so funny!” and there you have it – insta-conversation!

Anyway…I used to love the winter. I used to be into snowboarding. I didn’t like being cold, but I loved getting warm with cozy sweaters and warm fires. And I loved the prospect of snow days … it only happened, like, twice-ish while I was a part of the work force but still… the thought that it could happen is exciting, no? But now the winter just means less to do with the kids – too cold to go out thus stuck indoors a lot of the time. Yuck. But adding library days to my week definitely brighten things up. Just for the record, I do still enjoy a good snow day… but here in Massachusetts, closer to the Cape, we literally have not had any snow. O wait – we did have one decent storm. And I couldn’t even enjoy it. I was in a hospital room with my newborn baby – and I couldn’t even see the snow out the windows because they had a film over them so that nobody could look inside. Do they not believe in blinds?! But I digress. Thank goodness for libraries and playgroups for kids and their parents to connect!

Breastfeeding. Then and Now.

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Breastfeeding. We all know it’s nature’s best for our babies. We know women, or at least know of women, who believe that self-weening is best, and have kids who are ready for pre-school who are still nursing on demand. But, on the other side of the spectrum, we also know women who have chosen not to do so, or whose babies don’t respond well to breastmilk and so on. I’m not here to hate on anyone who may fit into one of those catagories. Quite frankly, I am more concerned about my own children and the decisions that I have to make for them (and myself) every day to spend my time judging other moms about their own. As long as no children are being mistreated, you can raise your kids however you see fit.. go ahead and breastfeed until your kid is 10 or sneak baby cereal into their formula bottles at night to help them sleep. Makes no difference to me!

I breastfed Dante until he was about 4 1/2 months old. My original goal was a year. I could never understand why so many women talked about having a hard time breastfeeding, and giving up. I thought, ”your body is supposed to do this, so what is so hard?”. Well, a few days into breastfeeding my first child, I understood.. Granted, I didn’t completely understand what constituted a “good latch” and I didn’t completely understand all the mechanics of how breastfeeding worked. And to be honest, I was so overwhelmed with being a new parent all the while trying to look confident in what I was doing and I just don’t think I was asking the right questions or seeking the right kind of support. I was easily overwhelmed by failure, especially in my new role as a parent, and I viewed having trouble with breastfeeding as a failure . I still struggle with those feelings sometimes, especially when I think I’ve made a parenting mistake… but I’m working on it! How I can teach me kids to “Keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, you’ll get it right!” (Yo Gabba Gabba, anyone?) when I am doing the opposite??!

Well, this time around, while I still feel like I could stand to learn a thing or two, I am so happy to be able to nurse my new son. I enjoy it so much. I didn’t experience the pain I did the first couple weeks when I began nursing Dante – hello proper latch! And I don’t feel so tied down, either. With Dante, I was very uncomfortable nursing in public, and planned everything around when I would have to nurse – would I be able to find a secluded place to feed my baby? Well, now I am much more comfortable just getting out and winging it. Thank you, Jesus! It’s very liberating not feeling bound to my rocking chair.

I am also new to the world of babywearing, and while I have worn Stefano out and about a few times, I have yet to breastfeed while wearing him…. so that’s on my To Do list. My goal is to learn to make my job as easy as possible – not a bad goal if I do say so myself!

So to sum it up, I’m just trying to play it fast and loose. No more strict timing out feedings and timing out how far apart feedings are. Just trying to go with the flow (literally) and meet Stefano’s needs. I would love to breastfeed longer than I did with Dante, but I don’t plan on setting a strict timeline, either. We’re just going to take it one day at a time.

A New Beginning: 19 Fingers, and 20(ish) Toes

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Hello! I felt it was time for a change and decided to begin a new blogging era here at WordPress. If you’ve never read my former blog, it began as a way to update friends and family about our son who was born in 2010 with orthopaedic anomolies, whom has since undergone a below-the-knee amputation of his right leg and has one or two upcoming surgeries in a few months to complete the work started by the doctors at The Shriners Hospital for children.

Dante, now 20 months, has been walking with a prosthesis since Thanksgiving 2011 and started walking without assistance just this past month. We also have added a new member to our family of, now, four just 3 short weeks ago. So to make sense of the title of this post, our newborn, Stefano, has 10 perfect tiny fingers and 10 perfect tiny toes while Dante was born with just 9 perfect tiny fingers and while he technically has only 5 toes after his amputation, he was born with 10… besides, his prosthesis has pretty realistic-looking toes so we can count those now!

Anyway, now that Stefano is a part of the picture, I wanted to start fresh and devote this blog to my personal experiences as a parent, along with struggles and triumphs (since my formal blog  was started with just Dante in mind). It’s always nice to hear that someone is going through the same things as you, good or bad, so I look at it as a way to reach out — and as always, to keep family and friends updated with stories and pictures of our beautiful boys!  So here we go!

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